Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why are there so many icons in the church?

Icons are an aid to worship. Icons depict saints in their resurrected bodies or events from church history or from the Old Testament. Icons remind us of the cloud of witnesses, the saints that are in the same church that we are in. Icons are venerated, but not objects of worships.

Do the Orthodox practice open communion?

No. To receive communion in an Orthodox Church you must be a member of an Orthodox Church. Also, Orthodox Church members are asked to not receive communion in non-Orthodox churches.

Do women have to wear scarves in an Orthodox Church?

No. Many women, especially in the U.S., do not wear a scarf in church. It is customary for women to wear a scarf in the church, especially during worship, but it is not required. If you get to church and you forgot to bring a scarf there are some that you can borrow.